SAS’s Brand Journey with LinkedIn’s B2B Institute

One of my favorite teams at LinkedIn, the B2B Institute, came to us with an exciting brief: to create a video series which inspires B2B marketers to invest in brand advertising. The goal? Highlight LinkedIn’s customer success stories and show why the B2B Institute is the perfect partner for their branding journey.

First up was: SAS. They’re a big deal in analytics, using cutting-edge AI and data management. Our mission was to chat with their Brand, Marketing, and Finance teams to uncover how they battled skepticism and internal hurdles to launch their first major brand campaign in 20 years.

Our LinkedIn crew packed up and headed to SAS’s headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. Here are some behind-the-scenes photos and the final product below. We created a longer hero video and some shorter social cuts, which I wrote and directed. Take a look to see how it all came together.

Here are the cuts in the wild. Click on the image to venture to the posts.

Be sure to follow the B2Bi page on LinkedIn for more videos.