Q1 2023: new work, reel, and updates

Hi Friends, here are a few work projects from Q1 2023 as well as some life updates! 

Get Creative with Less

2023 started off weird. In fact, it’s still weird. The economy is wobbly and budgets are conservative. Layoffs are happening all around us and it seems like everyone is holding onto their butts. Nevertheless, pilots know how to fly in turbulence, and similarly, our video production team at LinkedIn is trained to handle storms.

We got a fun request: Could our team support a 2-day training for our B2Bi team with zero budget in New York in less than two weeks? Pretty-please?

Our reply? Bring it. 

Since travel is currently restricted on our end, we got thrifty. I scripted and prepped out west, while handing off production to our two team members out east (shout out Jeff and Dan). The end results were the series of videos that helped kick off their B2Bi Workshop.

Here is one of them:

check out the B2Bi Edge program at LinkedIn

Producer: Jeff Bell, ✋
Director: Dan Mills 
Editor: Jeff Croghan
Color: Baco Bryles
Strategy: Bob Ellis 
GFX: Adam Kennedy, Ru Leng
Writer: ✋
Talent: Peter Weinberg
B2Bi Team: Rachel Abbe, Hailey Pierce

Career Transformations

LinkedIn is a place where you come to transform, whether that’s making connections, building a new skill, or exploring a new career. Our team was tasked to produce a video that captured unique career trajectories, with a focus on unconventional backgrounds and career progression. 

Enter D’Andra Moss—a former professional basketball player who is now a Product Manager at LinkedIn. I was honored to chat with her and learn how she was able to find her community and the support to make the jump into tech.

one of three videos

We filmed for two days, with a small crew of five, at our San Francisco and Mountain View offices, capturing interviews and b-roll, like a little pick up basketball with D’Andra and her brothers.

Here are some BTS pics:

Producer: Michelle Thomasson
Strategy: Bob Ellis
Editor: Jeff Croghan
Color: Baco Bryles
Sound: Dan Lujan
DP: Sean Brennan (@seanbrennan_dp)
Camera: Mike Steinberg
Director: ✋
Creative Partners: Tiffany Dorosh, Christina Adams 
Special thanks: Brandon Quinn, Don Woods

New 2023 Director’s Reel

I finally got around to putting together a reel of my work. Here it is folks, my 2023 digital business card. 

Special thanks:
Editor: David Sky
Music: Peter Fineberg

Build your brand

Hey, if your business needs writing or video help, I’m picking up a few monthly clients as a side hustle. Hop over to my services page and check out how I can help you.

And yes, I get that you can now use AI to write or make anything these days, but just because you have a hammer, doesn’t mean you can build a house, right? You need someone who knows how to use the tools. You need a craftsperson. 

Hi, it’s me.