Product Snacks

Earlier this year, our production team got to partner with our LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Team (LMS) to produce our annual I Heart ABM show. This live show gives viewers insight into the latest economic trends and arms them with the tools and framework to run a successful Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy to drive growth. 

The show consists of multiple speakers from highly successful brands discussing key audience and content insights. I was privileged to help write the show—in collaboration with our wonderful LMS Team—and also direct some fun videos which we dubbed “product snacks” to introduce new product features and announcements as interstitials for the show.

You can watch the full show recap here.

Originally during prep, since our total show budget was extremely conservative, these product snacks were slated to be recorded virtually as a simple demo (via Riverside Streaming). Our team blew the whistle and called a timeout. We had all the gear ready and an open window on our studio production calendar in San Francisco. Could we activate our creativity and do something fun to boost audience engagement? 

The answer was yes. I whipped up a few scripts—encompassing a humorous hook and some GFX to showcase the new features. We put up our green screen and voila! Zero budget filmmaking at its finest! Check out the end results below.*

Here are some BTS from set:

Strategy: Katia Stewart
Producer: Phil Malget
DP: Hasan Ahmed
Gaffer: Keith Cheng 
Audio: Fernando Gallegos
Editor: Baco Bryles
GFX: Adam Kennedy
Writer/Director: Pari Mathur

*these are directors cuts. The final distributed videos can be seen on the show recap page