My pandemic filming journey and a jar of mayonnaise 

The global pandemic was a bummer. Everyone was at home, twiddling their twiddles. So in early 2021, in the middle of covid spikes, I was pacing around my living room. How could I hang out with my filmmaker friends and make a short film while avoiding the plague? 

I knew the following parameters needed to be in place:

  • We needed to be socially distant.
  • We needed to keep our footprint small for both cast and crew.
  • We needed to keep the production easy, without much interaction or complexity.

The answer? A short film which takes place outdoors in downtown San Jose, me acting with myself, and jar of mayonnaise.

We made the following “work of art” in just 7-set ups, with the Sony A7S, and zero lights. We didn’t need to do any production design either, because if you’ve been to San Jose, you know about the incredible murals that bring the city to life, especially a piece by artist, Ivan Gonzalez, which is both colorful and breathtaking. The teal color palette and doggo-motif just pop for the camera. It lives right behind Camino Brewery on South 1st Street and I highly suggest visiting this wall (and others) if you’re in the area.

All being said, the cherry on top was that I got to hang out and collaborate with my buddies Felix, Richie, and Esteban in a safe way. Take that Covid! *sticks tongue out*

Here is the film:

The next day, we kept the momentum going. Richie and I met up and made this short in a back alley in Cupertino (where it seems we thrive creatively). And Felix, using his post production magic, was kind enough to make my lanky arms come to life.

Bottom line, you don’t need much to make a movie these days. Grab your friends, maybe your favorite condiments, and go make your art! Don’t let a global pandemic stop you!

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