How I used my iPhone and a vuvuzela to create a short film with my daughter

To commemorate every World Cup for the last decade, I’ve purchased a 4-pack of vuvuzela’s on Amazon and handed one to each of my children. And every time, my wife has thrown them into the trash without our permission.

Unsure why. Also, rude. 

This year, before my wife could find all of them, my daughter and I hid a blue one and made this film with her friend. Watch the short below and check out the simple tools I used to make it.

third graders are mean

If people ask me what camera they should buy, I tell them to stop! You have a cinema camera in your pockets! Here’s what I use. 

My iPhone – I have the old iPhone 11. It’s still a beast. In fact, any new smartphone these days will have a camera so good that it’ll make your selfies look like they belong in the Louvre. Move over, Mona. 

Filmic Pro – This app gives you full control of your phone’s camera. You can basically unlock it and channel your inner Spielberg. I use it to set frame rate and exposure, but if you’re a photography ninja, this app will be your secret weapon. It’s very intuitive and easy to use.

ND filter – If I’m filming outside during the day, I need something to control the amount of light into the camera. I use the Sandmarc Motion Variable ND filter. It’s a simple clip-on, super easy to pop on and off, and holds up pretty good if you’re running around. 

Sandmarc ND – super easy clip on filter

I also have a LiteChaser Kit, which comes with the case, grip, and a VND3-5 Filter. I love the side grip, however, the filter comes loose so easily. Also, I can never get the filter case to open! I’ve bent my poor Costco card so many times trying to get the filter out. 

LiteChaser – love the hand grip, hate the flimsy filter

Because of this, I prefer the Sandmarc. It’s easier to grab-and-go and I’m lazy. 

Tripod – I set my phone on this Aureday tripod, hit the red button, and walk away. There are sturdier tripods out there, but this one specifically extends up to my eyeline at 6ft or down to my kids at 3ft. Perfect for family movies. It’s also super compact so you can throw in your backpack if you’re filming outdoors.

There you go. Grab your phone, some third graders, maybe a vuvuzela, and start making some sillies!