You know how you get that weird feeling in your stomach whenever you have to file your taxes? Well, that’s the same experience your customers have when browsing through your dull product experience. 

Let my words and videos make money for you! Below are a few writing and video services that I offer. I only take a few clients a month, so ping me to get started.

Explainer Videos

Okay, your product and services are ready. You’re open for business. The problem? Your pitch is long and boring. Your customers are getting lost, or worse yet, scrolling past and going straight to your competition. You need something simple and exciting to tell your story. 

Enter Explainer videos.

I have over 15+ years of experience distilling your brand into a 30 second video that makes your customers have multiple aha moments. The animated video is a perfect tool for your website, pitches, presentations, and more. It’s your digital business card allowing people to see and hear your brand in action. 


How it works:

-I learn and understand your business needs.
-I write a 30 second script.
-I’ll send you a visual storyboard (a sequence of illustrations for the entire video).
-Once you approve, we move to production.
-We’ll provide a rough cut – you get 1x round of revisions based on objective edits (subjective edits are charged extra). 
-We’ll provide a final cut

Content Writing

You want your brand to sound human and personable so your customers take action. I write content that is approachable and builds trust. I also cut unnecessary jargon and focus on connecting your audience to the problem they’re trying to solve.  

And sure, you can use the robot these days to write. But how do you prompt chatGPT to get the tone and voice you need? Let me help you!


-Blog Posts
-PR announcements
-Website audit
-Video Scripts (0:30 second spots)

Examples: check out my blog!

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