Breaking Stereotypes: The Brown Guy Who Works in Tech as a Filmmaker

I’m a brown guy who works in tech. I’m not an engineer. When people find out I’m actually a filmmaker, their brains short circuit like:

what are you?

Wait, you’re not an engineer?” Okay, hi, yes, I see the confusion. I mean, I do fit the bill – athleisure, laptop, caffeine addiction. But no, I’m not an engineer, but I do work in tech – specifically, I’m a full-time Writer and Director at LinkedIn. I make videos for a living! Basically, if it involves moving pictures and sound, I’m your dude (read about how I recently made a short film, called Life with Wifey)!

What do you mean you can’t do math?” I don’t have the proper brown genes, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Math confuses me and I can’t handle spicy foods properly either. I’m like the decaffeinated, mild version of a brown person. But hey, I found my true calling in life; filmmaking. Today, I focus on my true super power of telling stories.

Why aren’t you in LA? Ah, the age-old question. And yes, I know what you’re thinking – isn’t that where all the filmmakers are? Well, times have changed, my friend. Technology has made it so that I don’t need to be in LA to make films. The biggest studio in the world, Netflix, is right in my backyard. Being connected is easier than ever, tools are getting more accessible, and I have a cinema camera in my pocket—my iPhone that shoots 4k. So, I can write and make films from anywhere, even from my couch (which is where I’m currently sitting and writing this).

Being a filmmaker in tech is like being a unicorn – rare and magical. It’s the perfect combination of creativity and innovation. Plus, I get to play with all the latest toys and gadgets, and I don’t have to deal with the traffic in LA. Win-win.

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