Behind the Beard: Short Films I’ve Made While Shaving

Yes, I was born with a weird face. But good news for you, I’m blessed with the ability to cover it up with a beard. I keep hair on my face for the following reasons:

  1. I can grow a full beard. It’s not patchy. I’m like a human Chai Pet. Thank you, genetics.
  2. Folks take me seriously. If I shave, I look like a hairless cat, and nobody listens to meow.
  3. Rally beard. If I’m working on a new project or film, I usually grow out a rally beard. You might think this is superstition, but hey, something has led me in the right direction so far, right? Folks probably say it’s because I have a supportive wife, but also could it be my facial hair? 

Nevertheless, there comes a time in my yearly beard journey when it just gets to be too much. It starts getting itchy, or in the way, or caught in my jacket zipper. This calls for drastic measures and a full face audit with a clean shave. 

I usually film this event to document my transformation and provide visuals to my future lineage about where their hairy ancestry comes from, but today, I will be sharing them with you. 

I hope you appreciate the following masterpieces. 

I hope with these videos have inspired you to let your facial follicles run wild. Let your face become a canvas of self-expression and individuality. I believe in you. I believe in us. Onwards!

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