Hi, I’m Pari Mathur. Nice to meet you! Here is a picture of me either directing on set or pretending to lift an imaginary cantaloupe. My wife wants you to know that she hates my beard in this pic.

Pari Mathur

I grew up in Cupertino, California and went to film school down in LA. I got sucked back up north and started a production company making TV ads and branded content. After a long run, I decided to make my first feature film, Family Party. It took me 6 years to figure out and was acquired by Netflix in 2016. In the middle of that ordeal, I found myself telling stories for tech companies like: Pinterest, Coursera, and Enjoy. Currently, I’m a Senior Writer and Director at LinkedIn and also just released my second film, Lucky Fifty. My wife and I are blessed with two kids (velociraptors?) and I blog frequently about being a husband and father. Message me and say hi using the form below! Sorry, what’s that? Oh, my name is pronounced Perry, not Pah-ree—thanks for asking!

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Family Party (acquired Netflix 2016-2017)
Lucky Fifty (2019)
Hong Fu (in development, 2020)
Mr. Mehndi (screenplay)
Wisdom For Sale (screenplay)
*available to read upon request

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