Hi, I’m Pari Mathur. Nice to meet you! I’m a San Francisco-Bay Area based filmmaker. Here is a picture of me directing on set. My children think I watch TV as a job.

I grew up in Cupertino, California and went to film school down in LA. I got sucked back up north and started a production company making TV ads and branded content. After a long run, I decided to make my first feature film, Family Party. It took me 6 years to figure out and was acquired by Netflix in 2016. In the middle of that ordeal, I found myself telling stories for tech companies like: Pinterest, Coursera, and Enjoy. 

Currently, I’m a Senior Writer and Director at LinkedIn and released my second feature film, Lucky Fifty in 2018. I just wrapped up a short called Life With Wifey and can’t wait for you to watch it in early 2023.

Message me and say hi using the form below! Sorry, what’s that? Oh, my name is pronounced Perry, not Pah-ree—thanks for asking! Below are a few links to some work. You can also see more on Vimeo.

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Lucky Fifty | Official Trailer (2019)
Family Party | Official Trailer (2016) – Acquired by Netflix 2016-Q1 2017

LinkedIn B2B Institute: 95-5 Rule, Situational Awareness, Performance Branding, The Product Delusion, Earn it or Pay it
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TV/Web/Music Videos:
Toyota: Unboxing Yaris
Slobstopper (TV, viral)
Bellrays – “Inflection” (music video)